New Zealand Smileplan charity hospital

We are a non-for profit organisation which has been set up to help provide medical, surgical and dental care for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and people with disabilities. We work with the families to help cover financial costs which will allow those who need it the most the best care available without any costs to them.

Set up in 2010 we have helped numerous people have access to care they previously could not access. We aim to continue the great work and initiatives we have set up here at NZSCH but the only way we can do this is with help from people like you.

The way we get people to contribute to our charity is via a grand prize draw and gift card (can we have links to both these please &

If you missed the chance to help out with one of our lovely team in person then you can help out here!


'smile & win' and giftcards

As a thank you for your support you will have received a two part thank you.

How it works:

Instant win

Scratch off your five panels below the stars, if you match 5 you are an instant winner.
In order to claim the cash prizes you need to complete the details on the back of the card and post to Black Edge Group, Level 1, 12 Boston Road, Grafton, Auckland 1023. Mail must be received by 16/09/2016

To claim the $25 dental voucher please go to the website . Please note only one $25 voucher can be used per visit to the dentist.

Major Prize Draw

Visit and enter the major draw entry number on the front of your ticket. Last entries by 11.59pm NZST on 16/09/2016. Major Prize Draw will take place at Black Edge Group, Level 1, 12 Boston Road, Grafton, Auckland 1023 on 19/09/2016 2pm NZST
The first valid entry drawn will win $10,000 cash. The winners name will be published on on 23/09/2016

Gift cards

As a thank you for your contribution you will also have received one or more giftcards equally the value of which you contributed to us. We have plenty of options for you to choose from and these can also make great gifts as well as showing your support for NZSCH
To spend these please visit