Orthodontics Explained

Aesthetic Tooth Alignment

These invisible retainers to straighten teeth with braces. Talk to us if you think this may be right for you!

Bonded Retainer

Without this retainer, your teeth will rebound quickly to become crowded again.

Various Braces Compared

We use all different styles of braces, depending on the severity of the problem and whether you prefer less-visible ceramic braces.

Braces for Crowding

Braces Proxy Brush

Celb Retainer

Class I Malocclusion

Class II Malocclusion

Class III Malocclusion

Closed Bite


Flossing Braces


Hawley Elastic

Hawley Spring

Herbst Applicance

Lingual Braces

A great way to straighten teeth without braces being visible.

Lower Lingual Arch

Nance Appliance Case A

Nance Appliance Case B

Open Bite

Quad Helix

Rapid Palatal Expander

Ricketts Retainer

Sagittal Appliance

Space Maintainer

Tongue Thrusting