Dental injuries, such as fractures or loss of teeth, are common occurrences. A large proportion of these injuries occur as a result of playing sports.

Ironically, those playing contact sports such as rugby are less likely to experience dental injuries than those playing non-contact sport such as basketball or hockey. And the reason is simple, it's because contact sport players are more likely to be wearing a professionally fitted mouthguard.

Professionally fitted mouthguards are 82% more effective in preventing dental injuries, compared to 'off-the-shelf' mouthguards, which only prevent up to 40% of injuries.

Rehabilitating a knocked out tooth can be twenty times more expensive than having a mouthguard properly fitted. We recommend that any person playing sport contact their dentist and arrange an appointment to discuss your mouthguard needs, before it's too late.

Here at Dentalcare West, we can provide you or your child with a professionally-fitted mouthguard that will provide the very best protection during sports.

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