Crown & bridge cleaning

How do I clean around crown and bridge work?

It's important to know that food and plaque are more likely to get trapped along the edges of a crown and under a bridge. Therefore, careful cleaning around these restorations is essential every day. Use dental floss daily to remove plaque from between your natural teeth, and to remove food particles and plaque from around and under your bridge.

It is important that you are comfortable with your new bridge, and that it will last you a long time. Whilst there are several ways to care for it, here at Dentalcare West we can show you the best method and technique for you.

How to Floss

1. Thread the floss between the natural tooth (acting as an anchorage to the bridge) and the false tooth of the bridge.

2. Using a sideways action, gently pass the dental floss over the tops of the bridge teeth to clean between the bridge and the gum. Take care not to use excessive force which might dislodge the bridge, and never use a "sawing" action to get the floss between your teeth.

3. Always clean the accessible sides of the anchoring natural teeth too.