Hygiene Dentistry

We are passionate about preventative care and want to empower you to live your best life with a healthy smile. Through ongoing education, care and consultation we will work together to deliver you an effective home care routine, and regular maintenance appointments, to help keep your teeth and gums healthy and your breath fresh. 

Your hygiene appointment will involve a thorough clean from our friendly and attentive dental hygienists. Your gums will be checked, with a focus on plaque, calculus (hardened plaque or tartar) and the removal of surface staining. You will then be checked for gingivitis or gum disease, and screened for other diseases such as oral cancer.  We will work with you to show you the most effective brushing and oral care routine.  At your regular visit (6 - 12 month visits), the appointment is also combined with a dental exam, which includes a complete check-up of your teeth and restorations, with the aim of identifying concerns before they evolve. Radiographs (X-Rays) may be requited at this visit, but will be discussed with you beforehand.

Our team works with you to provide as much information as you need on a wide range of hygiene topics. These include ongoing maintenance, gum disease, bleeding gums, fresh breath and oral cancer screening. If you have any further questions, please call (09) 818 8855 or click here to send an enquiry to our hygiene team.

“Empowering patients with the necessary information to maintain their optimum oral health is extremely rewarding. My patients love the freedom of feeling healthy and look forward to feeling confident that their smile is in good hands. - Dr Scott Waghorn, Principal Dentist